DHgate.com cooperates with Google to launch “overseas traffic treasure”

A few days ago, cross-border electric business platform DHgate.com signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Google and will provide marketing services to DHgate.com small and medium-sized enterprises and overseas merchants by Google AdWords.

News from Yi Bang Dong Li network, this cooperation between DHgate.com and Google will help Chinese businesses to expand overseas marketing channels, provide a series of training guidance services, and improve their marketing ability to operate in overseas markets.


Google AdWords is a kind of payment network promotion way by using Google keyword advertising and Google’s ubiquitous global alliance network, including words, pictures and video advertising, advertising and so on. Google AdWords such advantages as wide covers, and precise flow of layered flow on the diversified channels. The promotions include search, mobile advertising, Youtube, display promotion, Google Shopping promotion and remarketing.

DHgate.com cooperates with Google and designs for merchants the overseas flow treasury  marketing service. They will open and manage Google account for merchants for free and provide tailored solution. These services will be provided by DHgate.com’s overseas operations team.

According to Yi Bang Dong Li network, the feature of this service is one-stop management covering various channels and flexible choice on the channel. Its functions include providing customized display page, regularly issue CPC price range and category thermal analysis report for keywords and promote store traffic data statistics. It will also combine the inbound drainage with on-site guidance to enhance the user’s visibility. In addition, the service will also provide a Youtube video content advisory guidance and assistance, and offer training guidance targeting at  the information set, and case study.

Charger of the international market department of DHgate.com said DHgate.com has sellers around the world, and Google is a global marketing channels and has larger overseas market share, so DHgate.com is willing to cooperate with Google. At the same time, Google AdWords is powerful and easy to operate, which can be combined with Google Analytics, and statistical analysis of traffic and advertising effect to adopt some optimization measures.

It is understood that, this also is the first cooperation between domestic electric business platform and Google ads channel service. DHgate.com becomes Google’s advertising agency in China,. It will open new channel for merchants on overseas marketing.

Seven Online shopping skills to avoid bad goods

Fashionable Dong Qian often shops on Taobao. Recently she accidentally found that Lancome mascara in one shop online is only 60 yuan. Thinking of its promises and the explanation is reasonable that this is a gift so the price is low, and MS. Dong wants to have a try. One week later after payment through the network, she finally received long-awaited goods. However, when she uses the big brand of mascara, there is no effect she has thought. So Dong Qian goes to a store for validation, it turns out that it is fake, anything but a big brand!

wholesale shop online

 Against the rise of online shopping, Mr. Cai who has many years’ experience at Jinsha community gives seven pieces of advice to prevent fraud.

First, make clear of the commodity description, so that you can know how much to pay the postage when shopping goods.

Second, never showed, for example if for the price of the same item, seller A is much cheaper than seller B, you must make it clear exactly why and the truth.

Third, for big brand products, it’s essential to check whether the seller have sales authorization.

Forth, if you can’t confirm whether it is licensed merchandise, then look at the reviews. If credit is less than 500, use alipay.

Fifth, do not use links you are not sure about or bank websites prompted by email.

Sixth, be cautious about E-mail and websites where you are required to provide bank card number and password.

Seventh, do not conduct online transactions in public places such as Internet cafes to prevent information such as card number and password from stealing by others.

DHgate.com got a subsidised loan due to the support of foreign trade e-commerce

DHgate.com, the leading cross-border e-commerce platform in China got the approval from the Industrial Bank Co., Ltd bank loans of 50 million yuan, and the subsidy of interest was from the local government cooperated with DHgate.com.

In early August this year, DHgate.com and Yiwu government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, building Yiwu as global center of online cargo. At the end of August DHgate.com and Haishu district government in Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation agreement in order to buildNingbo cross-border e-commerce platform. In October, DHgate.com signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongguan Songshan Lake, creating DHgate.com operation and training center of south China. This subsidised loan will be used in project construction and operation of each project.

As the leading foreign trade enterprises, DHgate.com creates the innovative integration of the emerging e-commerce and traditional international trade and sets up a set of complete supply chain system including marketing, paying, logistics, and credible services. With the exploration and efforts in the field of foreign trade e-commerce during the past ten years, Wang Shutong, founder and CEO of DHgate.com  wins high praises in the industry because of her pragmatic moderate style and actual experience foreign trade e-commerce. Apart from Yiwu, Dongwan, Ningbo and Shanxi have also cooperation agreement with DHgate.com. Wuxi, Harbin and other places are also active in the coming negotiation.

The approval of this subsidised loan is the government’s vigorous support of electrical business of foreign trade, and also the full affirmation about its management ability and the enterprise prestige from financial institutions.

DHgate.com extends online delivery service by launching its on-line warehouse in Shenzhen

DHgate.com extends online delivery service by launching its on-line warehouse in Shenzhen

It’s reported on October 23rd, recently the foreign trade business platform- DHgate.com extended online delivery service and its warehouse in Shenzhen was officially launched, with courier service partners of Jillion Global Express and JCEX.

It’S reported by ebrun.com that Shenzhen warehouse – the online delivery service launched by DHgate.com cover more than 220 countries and regions in the world. Because of centralized delivery way, the overall efficiency will be higher and the freight cost will be lower. Now online delivery time is 5 to 7 days. With Jillion Global Express 0.5kg costs $67.2(excluding fuel surcharges) to the USA. With JCEX 0.5kg costs $78.25 (excluding fuel surcharges) to Australia.

Reportedly, this May, DHgate.com introduced the warehouse service, and the warehouse in Shanghai with DHL international express was first opened; On June, DHgate.com net launched online delivery logistics service – e-ulink; the new warehouse in Shenzhen is further improvement. With online delievery, the seller can order online and then the express company will pick-up in person, and online payment of freight as well as a one-stop online query and logistics tracking services are available.

It’s reported by ebrun.com that the pattern of online delievery has been popularly adopted by DHgate.com net, AliExpress and other small trade platforms.However, now it is only for small parcels, and the online standard logistics of bulk delivery is still under exploration. After the seller filling the online delivery order, firstly the goods are sent to the designated warehouse and then unifiedly deployedby selected express, followed by entralized delivery. However, the traditional delivery mode is that goods are directly distributed after door-to-door pickups by couriers.

DHgate.com joins hands with CyberSource to strengthen anti-fraud management

CyberSource, the wholly owned subsidiary of VISA (NYSE code: V) and one of the world’s largest e-commerce payment management services, announced today, the company will provide anti fraud detection system – Decision Manager for DHgate.com to promote DHgate.com anti-fraud management capability of online payments.

As one of the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce trading platform, DHgate.com has a collection of 1 million domestic suppliers and builds a trading platform for them with 4 million global buyers. The anti fraud management solutions by CyberSource give DHgate.com a more powerful fraud detection system for online payment business, which can minimize the risks of fraud in the process of the global business expansion.

It is estimated that China’s e-commerce transactions will reach $8010 billion (RMB47080 billion) by 2020, six times of the amount in 2012, among which 70% may be B2B transactions. This rapid growth is partially due to China government promise of the construction of the necessary infrastructure and the introduction of the management regulations of cross-border trade. One key goal of China government twelfth five-year plan is the realization of quadrupling the number of domestic e-commerce transactions by 2015. Along with this growth momentum, how Electronic commerce firms conduct effective anti fraud management will play a key role in the growing business.


APEC makes a feature of the best practice of Chinese electronic commerce

 APEC China Business Advisory Council (ABAC) fourth meeting was held in Bali Island in Indonesia during October 1st to 4th in 2013. Committee of ABAC, vice president of APEC women forum, and also DHgate.com CEO, Wang Shutong attended the meeting and gave a speech about “New ecological system for China’s small and medium-sized enterprises-Integrated cross-border electronic commerce platform”, sharing her experience of the development of China’s e-commerce. ABAC special gave a long report of the main view of Wang Shutong’s speech that China provides successful experience in electronic commerce, and these best practices of Chinese e-commerce should be promoted to small and medium sized enterprises in APEC for training and mutual exchange of learning.

 This is rare for China entrepreneurs to be fully recognized and recommended by APEC and ABAC.

And Wang Shutong’s speech was warmly admired by guests from all over the world. Wang Shutong has been committed to the mission of electronic commerce in ABAC. She thinks that electronic commerce can become the technical basis of driving economic integration as well as trade globalization, which has very important strategic significance. She thinks, in the practice of cross-border E-commerce, China has walked in the forefront of the world. China should seize this opportunity to recommend e-commerce platform to more countries. On the one hand it drives the country’s trade globalization and on the other hand, it established the strategic position of China as the world trade center in the age of electronic commerce.

Wang Shutong, who is Committee of ABAC, vice president of APEC women forum, and also DHgate.com CEO, has devoted herself to promote China’s e-commerce, gave speeches in the APEC China Business Advisory Council (ABAC) fourth meeting about integrated cross-border electronic commerce platform, winning great popularity among media as well as guests from all over the world.

The foreign trade e-business becomes the “favourite” of the exporting manufacturers

foreign trade e-business platform

With the order effect of the Canton fair is deceasing, the exporting enterprise need to find new ways to develop and to acquire the admission of the foreign purchasers. And the  foreign trade e-business becomes the “favourite” of the exporting manufacturers. According to the statistics from the National Development and Reform Commission, the takeover of the cross-border in 2011 is 1600 billion yuan, up 33% compared with that of the last year; and the account is 2000 billion yuan in 2012, up 25% compared with that of the 2011, whose speed is much rapid than that of the foreign trade. So the foreign trade e-business is sure to become the  “ favourite ”  of the exporting manufacturers.

And the also appearing rapidly, but the authentication function of the general e-business platforms is just a marketing products, which is meaningless for the authentic trust of the clients.

The exporting enterprises need to have skillful marketing methods to win in the fierce competition. Our country’s export has appeared the negative increase, which has further proved that the transition of the exporting enterprises will be hard enough, while the cross-border e-business benefit from the online supply line, which can be an important power and new engine for the increase and innovation of the foreign trade.



DHgate and GS1 will work together to push the the e-business platform to integrate with the Global Data Standards



On November 7, John G.Keogh from International code center, Li Jianhui, the director of GS application and extension division, Diane, Li Feng and others held a meeting in Changan conference room, they shared their opinions on the application modes of the code in the international society, and the international means of the program cooperation.

Diane said that the bilateral cooperation is beneficial for the China e-business transaction platform data to integrate with the International Data Standards, and beneficial for the “China-made” to create a more positive and healthy brand image.

At the end of 2002, DHgate and GS1(The China stuff code center ) reached strategic cooperation and to work together to push the the e-business platform to integrate with the Global Data Standards, and DHgate becomes the first online foreign trade B2B e-business transaction platform in Asia to have the article code this global products”ID card”.

Till now, the bilateral parts have completed the works in program extension, the exchange of the network resources, the public members and the code member online foreign trade demand investigation in some regions, in the following the bilateral parts will try to realize the integration of the bilateral data base and develop the off-line training, recruiting and other tasks, and work together to advance the application of bar code in the cross-border electric merchants field.

DHgate published mobility management platform of the first foreign trade transactions


The famous Chinese e-commerce standard-bearer, once served as Joyo’s first CEO, Wang Shutong is the general manager of DHgate. And DHgate accumulate a large number of outstanding international trade and Internet industry elite. High-quality professional international business team and the strength of scientific research make DHgate provide quality, efficient, fast service for buyers and suppliers.

China’s first foreign trade mobile management platform published with the efforts of DHgate. DHgate launched a network of trade mobile management platform, combined business management and mobile Internet first, under the background of globalization, made beneficial exploration and attempt.

China ‘s first foreign trade mobile management platform DHgate use its own experience of foreign trade business for many years of accumulation, in-depth excavate of customer demand, widely listen to customer’s feedback, took the lead in the industry to launch the first mobile management foreign trade platform, completely solve the cross-border transactions and timely communication obstacle problems. By mobility management platform, the seller can always receive buyer inquiry, and real-time response, and quickly make buyers feel the quality service, and your order will not easily loss.



Dunhuang network GS1China strategic cooperation


2012 apec summit of small and medium enterprises to spread the news, standardization organizations article numbering center of China (GS1China) and DHgate signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the common promotion GS1 global data standardization technology, make that Asia the first owns the “id” online foreign trade B2B e-commerce transaction platform.

According to the agreement, article numbering center of China DHgate and the two sides promise to play to their respective advantages, and actively develop the market cooperation, further promoting the globalization of China’s e-commerce development standardization.

Both sides will work to promote GS1 global unified identification system and national goods coding system, vigorously promote “made in China” by the global data standard as soon as possible, with commodity global “id card”.

Bar code a sweep, overseas buyers can learn accurate product attribute and manufacturers information, supply chain will greatly shorten.

DHgate network founder and CEO WangShuTong says, as foreign trade B2B electric business leaders, and the platform of small and medium-sized enterprise walk through together eight years, she deeply realize, “made in China” to go global, must be global buyers trust and recognition, based on trust to establish trade, trust is the premise of the purchase.

And the article numbering center of China cooperation, make that Asia the first standardized trading platform, will help “made in China” and global data standards.

Enterprise can inquire, products are identification, traceability, high credibility, “made in China” to create a more positive, healthy brand image, for China’s small and medium-sized micro enterprise to go global expand the wider path.