DHgate Buyer’s Comments

  • “I have bought more than a hundred times from this site and from several sellers. I never had a problem with a order. Very Excellent sellers and goods.”  –Gilmar, Dec-14-2010
  • “I think it’s important to understand a few things about DHgate to get some perspective here:
    1. DHgate is NOT a vendor or seller. It is a central online service for individuals to market and sell their goods (much like ebay or etsy). Therefore, although your transaction is handled by DHgate, all other factors (pricing, quality of merchandise, shipping, communication, etc.) are the responsibility of whatever individual you’re dealing with.
    2. DHgate is entirely a Chinese operation. All of the sellers and all of the wares are based in China.
    3. The quality of some of the Chinese goods being offered can be extremely low. Fakes, knock-offs and generally poor-quality items are rampant.
    4. After-the-sale support is rarely dependable. Remember, you’re dealing with people whose first language is Chinese, and who have little or no means to handle returned goods or otherwise address problems.
    5. It is highly risky to order anything of value that seems like a substantial “bargain.” For exampe, ordering a wedding dress online is probably foolish regardless of the site, but ordering one from China borders on insane, and ordering from DHgate – where it’s actually coming from someone’s garage, is beyond understanding.
    6. HOWEVER, ordering small, cheap items (like those you’d find in the local “Dollar Store”) is probably the only safe way to use DHgate.
    7. Use a reputable payment facility like PayPal where you can hopefully get your funds returned to you if there’s a problem.
    ALL THAT BEING SAID, my experience with DHgate was perfectly fine. I ordered a dozen pairs of sunglasses for a party, and although the shipping took about two weeks, I received them exactly as described. Shipping was free. I was able to use PayPal to protect my purchase. DHgate provided several emails related to the transaction status, including tracking information from Hong Kong.
    In summary DHgate is fine so long as you use it with caution and with the knowledge of whom and what you’re dealing with, and limit your liability to very low-priced purchases.”  –LarryScottB, Apr-20-2012
  • “Alright, first off,
    DHGATE AS A WHOLE IS NOT BAD. They are like ebay for merchants and retailers. If you got a bad product, its NOT DHGATES fault!
    They are kinda like an ebay like website (as previously stated) and so if you get a lemon, its the sellers fault, not the site.
    If you just read the sellers feedback ratings, you will know if you should order from them.
    Dont come here whining and complaining because you got screwed over on an order because the seller had a 1/5 star rating, and you were too dumb too look before hand.
    Ive ordered plenty of stuff off here, and been fairly satisfied. Some sellers are better than others, and some are just there to sell you crap.
    Spend some time researching. Only buy from sellers who have made a lot of previous sales. Only buy from sellers witha 4/5 rating or better.
    Just cuz you got screwed over on 1 seller doesnt mean they are all bad.
    Dont pay any attention to the reviews who only mention 1-2 sellers.
    I have bought from 5-7 different sellers.”  –colonelairsoft, May-09-2012

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