DHgate expand high value payment B2B business in foreign trade

Dhgate Forign Trade

Jun 26, Wang lijie, senior managing director of DHgate, said DHgate is trying to expand high value payment B2B business in foreign tradeat present.

According to Wang lijie, DHgate has always positioned itself in micropayments B2B business. Generally, transaction amount is below ¥500. While now DHgate is trying to expand B2B business with larger amount of payment.

“ we are expanding foreign trade B2B business more than ¥500. The highest amount we ever accepted reaches to ¥100,000. Certainly, I think, although after our attempt, sellers’ amount of payment on DHgate platform may not be too high. It is about less than ¥10,000, for high transaction amount means high commission. After calculation, seller will usually choose the way of private deal.” Wang lijie said.

It is said that the profit of DHgate mainly relies on the commission of successful transaction and the service of value-added advertisement. However the percentage of commission fluctuates between 4% and 20% based on different category. It also aims to gain more commission for DHgate to expand high value payment B2B business in foreign trade.



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