DHgate.com Remains Consistently Profitable

dhgate 8th anniversary

DHgate.com, a leading e-commerce platform for China wholesale products in cross-border trade from China, disclosed that DHgate.com has remained profitable from the second half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, from DHgate’s 7th to 8th Anniversary celebrations. Diane Wang, the founder and CEO of DHgate.com, pointed out that, “To run a business is like taking part in a long-distance race: whether you win or lose depends on whether you have the energy to stick it out until the end.”

New policies launched by DHgate.com in 2012 have made a positive impact, resulting in excellent performance. DHgate.com will also launch a “Sail Plan” this year dedicated to providing a better operating environment. The Sail Plan focuses on the management of repeated product listings, wrongly categorized items, false descriptions and delayed delivery in order to further enhance the transaction environment, improve user experience for overseas buyers and provide more opportunities for sellers to display their products online. DHgate.com is always committed to building a fair, honest and transparent environment for e-commerce.

DHgate.com has also added 1,000 kinds of new products and announced lower rates of less than 2.5% commission on these new items to sellers and other support in order to provide more foreign trade opportunities to a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China.

Moving forward, DHgate.com will launch a series of promotional activities for a huge range of high-quality products that meet its recruiting requirements. DHgate.com will also offer sellers services to help post products online in only one step; provide free online store space to display 800 kinds of products and other types of exposure in key areas of DHgate’s website.

“To improve customer experience is the most important thing for us in 2012 and beyond. We hope we can work together with DHgate’s sellers to provide better services for our overseas buyers so that our customer experience can be improved to an even higher level” said CEO Diane Wang. “The Sail Plan is to help our sellers gain more trust from buyers and improve the purchasing frequency buyers. Building trust with buyers will also increase our revenue in the long term.”

DHgate.com was the first online platform to bring small and medium-sized domestic suppliers and effectively connect them online with small and medium-sized foreign buyers. As an innovator in B2B e-commerce and international trade, DHgate.com fully understands the intricacies of international trade and combines modern e-commerce with traditional international trade, safe and reliable cash flow, fast and convenient logistics services. DHgate.com is also one of the third-party e-commerce platforms authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. The Electronic business institutions management authentication center regards DHgate.com as a model unit.

DHgate.com has over 1 million domestic suppliers online with 25 million types of product; and 4 million buyers from 244 countries. 100,000 buyers make purchase online every hour with an order placed on average every 6 seconds.


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