E-Business of Luxury Goods is an Inevitable Trend

Luxury Goods

Having engaged in e-commerce for more than a decade, “electronic commerce” is like a tireless perpetual motion machine operating in my mind without a stop. Even going shopping, i will unconsciously consider if it can be used to do electronic commerce to see a fresh thing.

E-commerce has developed n China for more than ten years covering more and more from the initial books, audio and video industries to the bulk goods and even the luxury industries. Since last year, China’s luxury electronic businesses emerge in an endless stream. China is the world’s second largest consumer of luxury goods, and many institutions predict China this year could surpass Japan to become the first largest consumer of luxury goods, which is a stimulant to the luxury companies. At present many traditional retail businesses begin to go into the age of network. It is apparent that the luxury as important retail business is on the inevitable trend to the e-commerce.

I have a lot of friends to try to buy premium brand products on the Internet. But whether it is a good time to do the luxury e-commerce? I will give two points about it here.

Luxury goods

First, the luxury buyers care more about the joyful experience in the consumption process, and after sale service is a crucial factor. Luxury does not rely on the discount, promotion and price advantage, but on the product additional value which means that the real luxury e-commerce will not become the popular e-commerce website. “Being possessed by a few people” is the essence of luxury, which is also a sense of mystery and high-end the luxury brand deliberately create.

Secondly, it is about the luxury e-commerce supply problems. As everyone knows, luxury brand commodities have quotas, and quotas of different regions and different store are quite different. to get more quotas it lies not in money but in the store’s comprehensive strength. To The online shop, procuring the luxury resources is a big problem. A lot of luxury electric business category are less, even smuggled goods or leftover stock goods which will damage the interests of consumers. To A certain extent, the luxury e-commerce dependence on returned customers is very strong. If there is damage to the interests of users, it is very difficult to survive for the runners.




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