The Market Bubbles of the Domestic B2C Are Being Bigger and Bigger


After leaving Joyo Wang Shutong established DHgate in 2004. Competing with the domestic Alibaba, and foreign eBay, she successfully created a “payment for the success” foreign trade electronic commerce 2.0 mode to upgrade the foreign trade electronic business to the real e-commerce platform. In 2010, the turnover of the DHgate net platform exceeded 6 billion Yuan, and from the second half of 2011 till now it has achieved sustained profitable.

Having engaged in B2C, B2B, online trade, foreign trade, Wang Shutong has strived in electric business for 10 years and in the exploration of a profitable and sustainable business model to find her own way. This forms a sharp contrast to some B2C enterprises whose loss can be up to nearly 100 million Yuan in one quarter. As far as Wang Shutong is concerned, entrepreneurs only need to control the enterprise strategic direction and management right, but must be able to endure loneliness to do business to earn the money, because only the business that makes money is the best method to prove it to be the successful mode of innovation.


This two year we obviously feel the B2C market bubbles; all enterprises are entering into a strange circle to finance and finance again and again to expand the scale and to show no interest in the profitability and business infrastructure. Almost every related enterprise is involuntarily dragged into the tide. If not run the website in the way, it will be soon overwhelmed by this tide.






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