DHgate take the supportive plan from Ministry of technique


DHgate will not only establish professional helping system for the different subjectivities’ risk model and indicator system, but also provide the risk prevention technology requirement and set up fraud judgment regulation in order to solve question about fraud transactions about e-business.


Recently, electronic commerce is increasing popularization. But compare with the traditional trade model, costumer only use the E-mail or chatting program to negotiate with the seller. People enjoy the convenience and great efficiency brought by the Internet, at the same time, security problem has been always a crucial issue on the development of e-commerce. If we don’t have the risk prevention technology requirement and set up fraud judgment regulation, so the whole e-commerce will be disastrous.

DHgate, as a third-party of foreign trade wholesale business platform, we already have 4 millions overseas buyers and 1 million domestic buys in the last eight years. DHgate not only dedicated to provide the reliable environment of e-commerce to the minor enterprises, but also accumulated a large amount of valuable experiences and dates about Transaction Exposure and trading fraud Prevention, and we already set up a world leading risk system. Therefore, DHgate take this project, and beyond our Self-built system, we redefine a standard system, there is no doubt that has practical significance to e-commerce development


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