The Abnormal Development Of the Electricity Industry Has Fallen Into A Financial Vicious Circle

Wang Shu Tong

28st, August, DHgate CEO Wang Shutong participated in a interview and said that with the promotion of enterprises and capital markets, the domestic electricity enterprises trend to develop towards large-scale, while they have ignore enterprise self-promoting and fallen into a very abnormal development.

She stress that the recent price war in the filed of electricity providers. She said, discount and promotions is the important tool in the industry marketing, without question. But the price war during electricity suppliers marking has increasingly trend to gunfire after 2010.

“The whole environment is inclined to grow towards large-scale, most of the electricity enterprises ignore the radical ability of company and the basic enterprise self-promoting, after they enter into the financial vicious circle. In fact, this is a very abnormal development.” DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said.


She pointed out that doing business is equal to a long-distance race, it need a long time accumulation; Most of international evergreen company almost through a long-term competition to win the last victory. Many international experienced companies are more than one hundred years, some are 80years. We should have this psychology that the hare and the tortoise is very suitable for Chinese enterprises, during the transition period”. Before, she had specially criticized the domestic B2C enterprise, it has fallen into a “financing-expanding scale-refinancing- expanding scale” vicious circle, like a foam style. No one concerned about the profit and enterprise self-promoting. She called the B2C enterprises should learn “lonely” from B2B enterprises.

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