The DHgate has launched its new searching


As is known that searching 2.0 select the most crucial product data and service data of sellers as the main basis of arrangement It values searching correlation and ensure users’ experience. It also takes business needs into account, reduce manual intervention, enhance users’ unique experience, improve transform and increase the number of order form.  After a period of adoption, DHgate data has shown that the number of buyers and order form all have a great improvement. For the rationality and efficiency of new searching, DHgate has conducted numerous internal communication and test. Even some aspects of improvement was finally determined by internal “quarrel and fight “.

In addition, DHgate has a explicit penalty system in its new searching. In this system, lowering the right of searching and deducting score is the most direct expression, which means reducing exposure. Reducing exposure will be applied to all place that violate DHgate’s provisions which include misplacing category, stuffing keywords, release duplicate products, maliciously raising price which lead  to serious discrepancies between product price and value and plagiarizing products or product images.


The data shows that DHgate is the first all-weather and international wholesale trading platform which gathers Chinese small and medium-sized suppliers’ products and provide procurement services for many small and medium-sized foreign buyers. At present, DHgate has more than 1 million domestic suppliers online, 25 million kinds of commodities, 4 million buyers from 224 countries and regions around the world. Every hour 100,000 buyers purchase online and an order form is yield out every 6 seconds.

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