The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August


On September 17th, the B2B trade ecommerce  platform , DHgate CEO Wang Shutong  said,  the performance of  DHgate did not to be affected by stopping the cooperation with PayPal,  the sequential growth of orders was 20% in August, luggage, accessories and other categories has reached double growth. She stressed:“there is no any partner is not irreplaceable ”.

DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said,  the effects of  DHgate launched “eight anniversary global sales promotion ” was remarkable in August,  and this is the reason why the trading volume  increased remarkably. She revealed, for coordinating this activity,  the DHgate salesman has exhaled more than 100,000 calls in total, jointed with hundreds of thousands of sellers, and devoted online advertisements to the value of million dollars in Google and other high-quality websites. Besides, a few days ago, DHgate launched a 2.5% low commission rate policy aimed at the 30,000 suppliers for 16 categories and 1,000 kinds of key products. Wang Shutong said, this policy make the sale-through rate be enhanced 10%.

Moreover, Wang Shutong introduced  the several latest actions of DHgate. In the end of August,  DHgate  assumed the standards development and application demonstration work of the MOST supported “project ecommerce transaction risk and fraud prevention “. On September 6th, DHgate  recently launched “search 2.0” version,  and made many improvement to the earlier 1.0 search 1.0 version.

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