The views of “the killers of the three kingdoms” Of Electricity Supplier


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said:” the killers of three kingdoms ” of domestic electricity suppliers has been a few days, a lot of electric enterprises have joined in the smoking war. A few days ago,I taken part in the interview about internet marketing conference, be hunted to repeat to this problem.Now, I will say some words about it.”

“I want to say another different price war.”

“I saw the Amazon as an electricity supplier, has also been advocated low-cost, but their low-cost is mainly from the innovative management. To through improving management, reducing operating cost to feedback customers. This is a benign price war, and can continue to feedback customers.”


“Unfortunately, parts of the price war during Chinese electricity suppliers, is often based on the competition result of platform homogeneity, even they often sacrified benefit to win customers. But the truth is that the price war is a iron, customers are water, selling at a loss can not exchange to customers’ loyalty.”

” In fact, the enterprises have a lot of ways to attract customers, with the gradual improvement of marketing environment rules, I believe the service war will instead of price war. At this time, the platform no longer pay attention to win by lower price, but user experience.”

“Many friends asked me ‘Did the market of DHgate have the smoke of price war?’ I saw the online trade market where we are, is different from the selling style in China, the international customers are more care about service. The international users is relatively mature, they require the platform should be comprehensive, including quality, service and price, the single low-cost can not be accepted. We must sink our heart in face of these customers, which have been serviced by Wal-Mart Amazon, Ebay and other international enterprises, to do a solid job of self-development of companies”.

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