DHgate.com is building B2B cross-border trade payment platform


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said in an interview recently that DHgate is committed to the development of payment solutions which adapted to the B2B cross-border trade, and get the state departments’ support and encouragement.

Wang Shutong said, the world there is no company be able to provide full set of solutions for B2B .as leader of cross-border deal for B2B in this respect, it is DHgate responsibility. Since DHgate.com established 8 years ago, there is large proportion of the orders accomplished through DHgate own payment solution, that is to say the development of cross-border trade payment solution of B2B is not start from scratch. At present, DHgate.com has achieved 100 0,000 domestic suppliers and 25000000 kinds of commodities online, in 4000000 buyers scale of over 224 countries and regions worldwide ,  about 100000 buyers online procurement in an hour and a order in every 6 seconds.

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