DHgate launched the “crazy Christmas season”

crazy Christmas season


China’s leading trade B2B e-commerce platform DHgate “Christmas promotion season” on September 24 have on-line, take the lead in climaxing China foreign trade commodity Christmas promotion campaign first gun. Christmas is the most important holiday of the western, is also the foreign trade the most important stage, this year the nets in the DHgate eleven started before Christmas, protruding foreign trade market competition is intense.

 DHgate reviews in each year before Christmas season will increase on the strength, and carry out various kinds of promotional activities, in order to improve overseas Christmas season for Chinese goods purchase. This year on September 25,,DH online first wave of sales promotion activities, strong promotion, launch a major overseas advertising.

In addition,DHgate also launched the platform independent zillah showcase products, own platform resources free gift for participating in the activity of Chinese sellers, high frequency, rich means to different grade buyers push promotional information, the large handsomely attract overseas buyers, buyers order can participate in mysterious large rotary lottery, different amount back now. At the same time, it has launched “full $1000 with $100” activities, that is, the same seller store single order full amount of $1000, the sellers give buyers $100 shops coupons.

DHgate network said, the Christmas season promotion for more than 60 days, preliminary increase overseas precision, high quality flow rate 50%. During the activity, such as MasterCard, VISA partnership partners are also strong join DH network, and carry out large amounts of cash paid delivery, physical prize continuous distributing and other activities, the buyer pays the risk greatly reduced, order the success rate will to go into another new step.

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