DHgate network hopes to play a greater role in APEC


Wang Shutong , CEO of DHgate network states that while the DHgate is developing with a steady speed she wishes to put more effort into the work of the APEC Business Advisory Council. It is reported that in November 2011, Wang Tong was appointed as candidate representative of APEC Business Advisory Council and also as the first rotating president of the APEC SME Service Alliance entrepreneurs Committee. As another way to shopping, you will find lots of sellers selling online like aliexpress. At the meeting this May Wang put forward the proposal of “using e-commerce to help SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve cross-border trade” on behalf of small businesses in China, and this proposal received enthusiastic responses from delegates and also have been included in the letter for the heads and ministers from 21 countries at the end of year.

In cross-border e-commerce trading, technology platform, personnel, logistics, capital, and many other issues are the key points of it’s development. But e-commerce businesses enterprises such like DHgate have wonderfully solved this series of problems and they can help those users with language barrier or e-business skills deletion to complete online transactions smoothly. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Representatives of many countries want to cooperate with us, and some of the country’s representatives said excitedly that they would love to sell their products on DHgate.” Although she is very busy with work but in order to get DHgate function on greater range, she never get bored.

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