Let The Foreigners Remember DHgate.com

wang shutong

On the eve of China Internet Conference, when the  DHgate founder and CEO Wang Shutong accepted the interview of Tencent, she revealed, the “DHgate ” is the abbreviations, there is a golden gate behind the DH, the “DHgate”  has gave a unlimited imaginary space.

Wang Shutong said, DHgate was the earliest and the most prosperous commercial and cultural center at before, in the 21st century, China can take advantage of the internet, to again become to the global trader center that can  use the most advanced technology to leverage the global trade territory, which is the reason for the web’s name “DHgate Review”.

She further explained that the name of DHgate was the combination of Chinese and Western, it reflected the company idea, that was  not only to build a bridge to help Chinese enterprises be able to do business, but also to help Chinese enterprises to open a global gold mine through this platform, to be grafted with the business of the East and West.

She revealed, DHgate will mainly rely on the word-of –mouth spread to expand the global market, because “the customers’ understanding of brand is based on our service,  the value that the platform give to them, let the customers really feel the difference that your service bring to”.

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