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DHgate published mobility management platform of the first foreign trade transactions


The famous Chinese e-commerce standard-bearer, once served as Joyo’s first CEO, Wang Shutong is the general manager of DHgate. And DHgate accumulate a large number of outstanding international trade and Internet industry elite. High-quality professional international business team and the strength of scientific research make DHgate provide quality, efficient, fast service for buyers and suppliers.

China’s first foreign trade mobile management platform published with the efforts of DHgate. DHgate launched a network of trade mobile management platform, combined business management and mobile Internet first, under the background of globalization, made beneficial exploration and attempt.

China ‘s first foreign trade mobile management platform DHgate use its own experience of foreign trade business for many years of accumulation, in-depth excavate of customer demand, widely listen to customer’s feedback, took the lead in the industry to launch the first mobile management foreign trade platform, completely solve the cross-border transactions and timely communication obstacle problems. By mobility management platform, the seller can always receive buyer inquiry, and real-time response, and quickly make buyers feel the quality service, and your order will not easily loss.



Dunhuang network GS1China strategic cooperation


2012 apec summit of small and medium enterprises to spread the news, standardization organizations article numbering center of China (GS1China) and DHgate signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the common promotion GS1 global data standardization technology, make that Asia the first owns the “id” online foreign trade B2B e-commerce transaction platform.

According to the agreement, article numbering center of China DHgate and the two sides promise to play to their respective advantages, and actively develop the market cooperation, further promoting the globalization of China’s e-commerce development standardization.

Both sides will work to promote GS1 global unified identification system and national goods coding system, vigorously promote “made in China” by the global data standard as soon as possible, with commodity global “id card”.

Bar code a sweep, overseas buyers can learn accurate product attribute and manufacturers information, supply chain will greatly shorten.

DHgate network founder and CEO WangShuTong says, as foreign trade B2B electric business leaders, and the platform of small and medium-sized enterprise walk through together eight years, she deeply realize, “made in China” to go global, must be global buyers trust and recognition, based on trust to establish trade, trust is the premise of the purchase.

And the article numbering center of China cooperation, make that Asia the first standardized trading platform, will help “made in China” and global data standards.

Enterprise can inquire, products are identification, traceability, high credibility, “made in China” to create a more positive, healthy brand image, for China’s small and medium-sized micro enterprise to go global expand the wider path.



DHgate donated poor mountainous areas the “House of the left students”



DHgate network Donate Jin’an Primary School in Laifu town Gao country SiChuan province, which is located in the border land of YunNan, GuiZhou and SiChuan in the southwestern region of China.And this elementary school in mountainous area has a new look, in farewell the worn out desks and chairs, students have a new library at the same time. The place children called “home” is the “House of the left students” which built by the DHgate network andChunmiao center of public education.


In August, the DHgate network learned about there are more than 280 students in that Jin’an Primary School, and 65% of them are left home students. School desks, benches are shabby, there is no library book. The school poverty as well as the large number of left-home childrencaused DHGate attention.DHgate network founder and CEO Wang Tong commitment, DHgatewould donate to the western mountain school – Jin’an primary on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the birthday, adds a source of strengthpublic welfare.


Commissioned by the DHgate network,Chunmiao center of public education took the purchase of desks and chairs, bookshelves, age-appropriate extracurricular books, etc. and improving the teaching hardware of JinAn elementary school.


Today, the school has been dedicated to free up a classroom as“House of the left students”. Jin An elementary school official said, the children can happy reading there, and the computers, televisions will be a useful tool for childrento communicate with their parents and learn about the knowledge outside world.



DHgate network gaming products buyers:Britain surpasses America



The data of buyer distribution during the first half of 2012 released by DHgate shows that, among the gaming transactions, the number of buyers from theUnited Kingdomaccounted for 35% of the total and the number of buyers fromAmericaaccounted for 34%.

Among the many product categories from DHgate, the buying power force ofAmericais always the largest and this is extremely evident in main categories such as electronic products, outdoor sports, wedding, bags, watches and others, on some partial categories, the number of buyers fromAmericaaccounts for more than 50%. And the performance of The United States exceedingAmericain gaming products also indirectly reflects the prosperity of theUKgames market.

The data shows that among the DHgate gaming products categories, besides UK and the United State, buyers from Australia accounted for 6%, buyers from French accounted for 5%, buyers from Brazil accounted for 3%, buyers from Canada accounted for 3%, buyers from Netherlands accounted for 2%, buyers from Spain accounted for 2%, other countries and regions account for relatively small percentage.


The DHgate Yiwu Fair Strongly Recommends “New Seller Support Policies”

E-commerce supplier

With the spread of the global economic crisis, the exports amount of parts products was declined, and with the increasingly severe competition situation of the domestic markets, the low-cost advantage of e-commerce became to be prominent, more and more small and medium enterprises to expand te global market through the e-commerce channels, and has won the unexpected foreign trade development opportunities. Undoubtedly, the foreign trade industry transformation and upgrading was the general trade, but how to transit has became the problem in front of the majority of SMEs.

As the leader of China wholesale online real- time e-commerce supplier trading platform, DHgate especially provided a communication meet-the large DHgate sellers teach-in, for the SMEs which were lost in the transition period, with the great help of Yiwu municipal government. This meeting will be held in the evening of October 23, from 18:00 to 20:30 in administrative building IV, Yiwu municipal government. If you are transiting from the traditional traders to the e-commerce supplier, domestic trade enterprise to foreign trade enterprise, and you are already foreign trade e-commerce supplier, so quickly enroll!. You will be benefited.

It was known that the conference had a lot of bright spots, including: senior industry managers interpreted the industry trends, the purchase characteristics of overseas buyers; It was the first one to release “new sellers supportive policies”; the real success stories, exchanged the operating experience; the mystery guest visited the site to share the foreign trade opportunities; the special training after a series of meets, the industry manager answered questions for the participating enterprises face to face.

Using DHgate for years I love it !

Great site !

My experience with DHgate has been positive. I have been using dhgate for years I love it

all the experience I’ve purchased a few things on DHgate ,My experience with DHgate has been a positive one . and out of all the experiences, all products were good except for one bad phone out of ten, Overall no problems yet.and Help me to handle bad phones problem well, Great customer service!
Fast delivery, and a fair prices. My uncle is also a frequent customer – he just received immense with Laptop Adapte Batteries, Compared to the same quality commodity sold in the stores here and at 3 times less the price . I have been very pleased with all of my purchases made from
I have already recommended this site to my friends and family.

DHgate Buyer’s Comments

  • “I have bought more than a hundred times from this site and from several sellers. I never had a problem with a order. Very Excellent sellers and goods.”  –Gilmar, Dec-14-2010
  • “I think it’s important to understand a few things about DHgate to get some perspective here:
    1. DHgate is NOT a vendor or seller. It is a central online service for individuals to market and sell their goods (much like ebay or etsy). Therefore, although your transaction is handled by DHgate, all other factors (pricing, quality of merchandise, shipping, communication, etc.) are the responsibility of whatever individual you’re dealing with.
    2. DHgate is entirely a Chinese operation. All of the sellers and all of the wares are based in China. Continue reading DHgate Buyer’s Comments