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The foreign trade e-business becomes the “favourite” of the exporting manufacturers

foreign trade e-business platform

With the order effect of the Canton fair is deceasing, the exporting enterprise need to find new ways to develop and to acquire the admission of the foreign purchasers. And the  foreign trade e-business becomes the “favourite” of the exporting manufacturers. According to the statistics from the National Development and Reform Commission, the takeover of the cross-border in 2011 is 1600 billion yuan, up 33% compared with that of the last year; and the account is 2000 billion yuan in 2012, up 25% compared with that of the 2011, whose speed is much rapid than that of the foreign trade. So the foreign trade e-business is sure to become the  “ favourite ”  of the exporting manufacturers.

And the also appearing rapidly, but the authentication function of the general e-business platforms is just a marketing products, which is meaningless for the authentic trust of the clients.

The exporting enterprises need to have skillful marketing methods to win in the fierce competition. Our country’s export has appeared the negative increase, which has further proved that the transition of the exporting enterprises will be hard enough, while the cross-border e-business benefit from the online supply line, which can be an important power and new engine for the increase and innovation of the foreign trade.



DHgate published mobility management platform of the first foreign trade transactions

DHgate Mobile

The famous Chinese e-commerce standard-bearer, once served as Joyo’s first CEO, Wang Shutong is the general manager of DHgate. And DHgate accumulate a large number of outstanding international trade and Internet industry elite. High-quality professional international business team and the strength of scientific research make DHgate provide quality, efficient, fast service for buyers and suppliers.

China’s first foreign trade mobile management platform published with the efforts of DHgate. DHgate launched a network of trade mobile management platform, combined business management and mobile Internet first, under the background of globalization, made beneficial exploration and attempt.

China ‘s first foreign trade mobile management platform DHgate use its own experience of foreign trade business for many years of accumulation, in-depth excavate of customer demand, widely listen to customer’s feedback, took the lead in the industry to launch the first mobile management foreign trade platform, completely solve the cross-border transactions and timely communication obstacle problems. By mobility management platform, the seller can always receive buyer inquiry, and real-time response, and quickly make buyers feel the quality service, and your order will not easily loss.