The sellers of DHgate can gain loans indoor by their good credit


Using the latest upgraded ¡°e baotong of China Construction Bank and DHagte¡±, sellers can complete all loan procedures with one button. At present, there are over 1 million online suppliers, 25 million kinds of commodities and 4 million buyers from 224 countries and regions on DHgate website. 100,000 buyers make real-time online shopping every hour and one order is produced every 6 seconds.

¡°e baotong of China Construction Bank and DHgate ¡± is produced by the cooperation between China Construction Bank and DHgate and serves to provide online network financing service for sellers of DHgate by integrating resources of both sides. Meanwhile, ¡°e baotong of CCB and DHgate¡± is also a loan product that was first developed by CCB for a foreign e-commerce enterprise. Directly contacting the systems of both sides, the e baotong can provide loan service for sellers and helps them speed up turnover of fund, solve the shortage of fund and seize the commercial opportunities.

The sellers on DHgate platform can apply the loan by their real time record of trading and accumulating credit without asset mortgage and third party guarantee. Besides, they can use the e baotong within 3 or 7 days when their application documents are prepared. When the e bontong can work and sellers deliver goods, the loan will autonomously be stored in their accounts. When the order is completed, the system will autonomously make the repayment instead of going to bank to repay.

Focus on Olympic lights :lighten the DHgate seller

There are a lot of demand for lights during the Olympic time.All kinds of cheerleaders use LED our small, night decorative LED lamp, lamp series, the peripheral fountain landscape decoration, actors, such as the use of luminous wings LED lamps and lanterns, as well as the use of stage lights, tunnel lights, LED floodlight, LED light tube, tube light, crystal lamp, etc., all kinds of advertising plate are made in China DHgate core seller good soft main crystal lamp, solar lights, decorative lighting, one month ago one day received British gold buyers nearly 200 orders, and other core sellers also reflect in the near future, from Britain lamps and lanterns flow increase quickly, every day to visit DHgate web page lamps and lanterns than ever before to more than 80%.The order came so quickly, sell the home to deliver goods very nervous, especially more hands, hire more sales. As we have learned, this batch of British lamps and lanterns order quantity and amount are much more than before, even have buyers directly find platform to seek help, hope to DHgate staff to help them find the most suitable suppliers. Cooperate with the buyer for the Olympic related products demand, DHgate quickly for buyers to provide some strong quality sellers.



The DHgate Buyers Home Page Is More Fresh

Chinese leading online foreign trade B2B e-commerce platform – DHgate, listed the revamped new buyers home page on September 17. This move was one part of DHgate 2012 user experience strategies, the new page gave a better sensory experience to users.

It was understood that enhanced the users experience is the most important work of DHgate in 2012, over the years, the visual style of DHgate had a good continuation, every year it would be redesigned and optimized base on the demands of user and business development. In 2012, DHgate reconstructed the visual of the website after the eighth anniversary of big promotion.

The partition of new DHgate buyers home page is more reasonable, more clear, more scalable, and more convenient to use. The visual colors are consistent with the steady style what the DHgate has always been, the tone is more soft, simple and intuitive, the structure is clear, the information is outstanding, the design is fashionable, to provide users with a pleasant sensory experience.

DHgate is the first one to gather the Chinese small and medium size suppliers, effectively provides the procurement services for many small and medium size foreign buyers, it is a all-day international online wholesale trading platform. At present, DHgate has more than 100 million of online domestic suppliers, 2,5000 kinds of commodities, the scale of 400 million buyers spreads over 224 countries and regions, ever hour has 100,000 buyers to to real-time online purchase, produces a order every 6 seconds.




The DHgate signed contract with IACC to combat the counterfeit products


A few days ago, DHgate singed a memorandum of understanding with IACC , aimed to promote the brand protection work jointly, to help many sellers of DHgate platform to guard against the risk of intellectual property disputes.

The cooperation included that established a set of infringing goods right protection system to take the information evidence, confirm, delete and publish, and improved the technical supports of this system after fishing, and also included provide the publicity and education of anti-counterfeit for sellers and consumers on the platform.

The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition is a non-profit organization, which headquarters was located in Washington. Now there are already more than 220 companies and associations in 32 countries and regions joined in the organization, its purpose is to urge the government officials and educate the consumers to recognize the consequences that the counterfeit activities bough to our personal safety and economic, against counterfeit goods, counterfeit trademark, counterfeit export mark and other counterfeit activities. The IACC organized the meeting, exchanged information, discusses the legislative development, against the counterfeiting by investigation, litigation.

As the Chinese leading online foreign trading platform, DHgate has achieved more than 100 million online domestic suppliers, 25 million products, has 400 million buyers in 224 countries and regions around the world, there are 100,000 buyers buying products online every one hours, and generating an order every six seconds.



DHgate donated poor mountainous areas the “House of the left students”



DHgate network Donate Jin’an Primary School in Laifu town Gao country SiChuan province, which is located in the border land of YunNan, GuiZhou and SiChuan in the southwestern region of China.And this elementary school in mountainous area has a new look, in farewell the worn out desks and chairs, students have a new library at the same time. The place children called “home” is the “House of the left students” which built by the DHgate network andChunmiao center of public education.


In August, the DHgate network learned about there are more than 280 students in that Jin’an Primary School, and 65% of them are left home students. School desks, benches are shabby, there is no library book. The school poverty as well as the large number of left-home childrencaused DHGate attention.DHgate network founder and CEO Wang Tong commitment, DHgatewould donate to the western mountain school – Jin’an primary on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the birthday, adds a source of strengthpublic welfare.


Commissioned by the DHgate network,Chunmiao center of public education took the purchase of desks and chairs, bookshelves, age-appropriate extracurricular books, etc. and improving the teaching hardware of JinAn elementary school.


Today, the school has been dedicated to free up a classroom as“House of the left students”. Jin An elementary school official said, the children can happy reading there, and the computers, televisions will be a useful tool for childrento communicate with their parents and learn about the knowledge outside world.



More Than 50% of DHgate electronic products Buyers come From American

 DHgate disclosed the buyers distribution data for the first half of 2012, the data shown that the most of DHgate electronic products mainly distributed in the America, Britain and other places, the America Buyers is the most, up to 54%.

The data also shown that, the buyers came from Britain, Canada, France, Australia were more than 5%, and the buyers came from Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Chile were about 1% to 2%. The electronic products purchasing scale of the top-ten place accounted for 92% of the products on DHgate.

It was said that, DHgate was the international online wholesales trading platform, which was the first one to gather of the Chinese small and medium-sized suppliers’ products, and provided the effective procurement service for many of foreign small and medium-sized buyers all the day.


DHgate network gaming products buyers:Britain surpasses America



The data of buyer distribution during the first half of 2012 released by DHgate shows that, among the gaming transactions, the number of buyers from theUnited Kingdomaccounted for 35% of the total and the number of buyers fromAmericaaccounted for 34%.

Among the many product categories from DHgate, the buying power force ofAmericais always the largest and this is extremely evident in main categories such as electronic products, outdoor sports, wedding, bags, watches and others, on some partial categories, the number of buyers fromAmericaaccounts for more than 50%. And the performance of The United States exceedingAmericain gaming products also indirectly reflects the prosperity of theUKgames market.

The data shows that among the DHgate gaming products categories, besides UK and the United State, buyers from Australia accounted for 6%, buyers from French accounted for 5%, buyers from Brazil accounted for 3%, buyers from Canada accounted for 3%, buyers from Netherlands accounted for 2%, buyers from Spain accounted for 2%, other countries and regions account for relatively small percentage.


The Christmas Season of DHgate

Christmas season

The sales of all the industries which practiced the promotion activities had different degree of growth after the DHgate Christmas Season lined. Among them, the computer industry had a great growth of 56% year on year, the growth rate of the electronic components was up to 1325%. Besides, the highest growth rate of the oversea VIP customers’ total consumption was up to 84%. 

From the side of industry sales: 1. The year-on-year growth of computer industry was the largest, up to 4.2w dollars, increased by 56%. 2. The growth of mobile phone was up to 3.9w dollars, and was the highest ever, up to 20w dollars one day. 3. The growth rate of electronic components was the highest , up to 1325%. 

Except the sales figures had a better performance during the Christmas Season, the Yi Bang Power got the information from DHgate that the amount of DHgate’s total orders has been rose by 20%, the bagsm accessories and other categories rosed by double.

DHgate Runed The Promoting in Christmas Season, the Multi-sector Growth Was More Than 50%

 DHgate Christmas Promotions

The sales of activities products side : 1. The growth of mobile phone activities products was the maximum, up to 4.8w dollars. 2. Th growth rate of the game activities was the highest, up to 1693%. 3. The growth rate of computer  activities products was up to 162%, up to 3.8w dollars.

The order size side: 1. All the industry participated in the activity had varying degrees of growth, the activity that they would present100 dollars as soon as you spend over than 1000 dollars was effective for all the products in the shop, so it led to the growth of other industries order size. 2. The order size of the computer industry was increased from 187$ to 287$. 3. The order size of electronics industry was maximum, increased from 365 $ to 299 $.

The NB GMV: the growth of mobile phone industry NB GMV was maximum, up to 6159 dollars. 2. The growth rate of electronic components NB GMV was highest, up to 324%. 3. The growth rate of computer industry was 33%, the growth in the amount of 2955 dollars.

The GMV of VIP Buyers: 1. The total consumption of the computer industry VIP Buyers grew by 3.3w dollars year on year. 2. The total consumption of electronic industry VIP Buyers grew by 2.4w dollars year on year. 3. The growth rate of total consumption of game VIP Buyers was highest, up to 84%.

The DHgate Yiwu Fair Strongly Recommends “New Seller Support Policies”

E-commerce supplier

With the spread of the global economic crisis, the exports amount of parts products was declined, and with the increasingly severe competition situation of the domestic markets, the low-cost advantage of e-commerce became to be prominent, more and more small and medium enterprises to expand te global market through the e-commerce channels, and has won the unexpected foreign trade development opportunities. Undoubtedly, the foreign trade industry transformation and upgrading was the general trade, but how to transit has became the problem in front of the majority of SMEs.

As the leader of China wholesale online real- time e-commerce supplier trading platform, DHgate especially provided a communication meet-the large DHgate sellers teach-in, for the SMEs which were lost in the transition period, with the great help of Yiwu municipal government. This meeting will be held in the evening of October 23, from 18:00 to 20:30 in administrative building IV, Yiwu municipal government. If you are transiting from the traditional traders to the e-commerce supplier, domestic trade enterprise to foreign trade enterprise, and you are already foreign trade e-commerce supplier, so quickly enroll!. You will be benefited.

It was known that the conference had a lot of bright spots, including: senior industry managers interpreted the industry trends, the purchase characteristics of overseas buyers; It was the first one to release “new sellers supportive policies”; the real success stories, exchanged the operating experience; the mystery guest visited the site to share the foreign trade opportunities; the special training after a series of meets, the industry manager answered questions for the participating enterprises face to face.