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DHgate.com is building B2B cross-border trade payment platform


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said in an interview recently that DHgate is committed to the development of payment solutions which adapted to the B2B cross-border trade, and get the state departments’ support and encouragement.

Wang Shutong said, the world there is no company be able to provide full set of solutions for B2B .as leader of cross-border deal for B2B in this respect, it is DHgate responsibility. Since DHgate.com established 8 years ago, there is large proportion of the orders accomplished through DHgate own payment solution, that is to say the development of cross-border trade payment solution of B2B is not start from scratch. At present, DHgate.com has achieved 100 0,000 domestic suppliers and 25000000 kinds of commodities online, in 4000000 buyers scale of over 224 countries and regions worldwide ,  about 100000 buyers online procurement in an hour and a order in every 6 seconds.

The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August


On September 17th, the B2B trade ecommerce  platform , DHgate CEO Wang Shutong  said,  the performance of  DHgate did not to be affected by stopping the cooperation with PayPal,  the sequential growth of orders was 20% in August, luggage, accessories and other categories has reached double growth. She stressed:“there is no any partner is not irreplaceable ”. Continue reading The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August

Ten Million in Cash for Buyers on DHgate’s 8th Anniversary


DHgate.com will lavish ten million RMB on buyers in cash back during its 8th Anniversary celebration as big thank you for their valued support. There will also be other promotional activities such as chances to win 2 new iPads and an iMac every week and up to 40% discount on millions of goods in their Big 8 Sale. The celebrations for its 8th Anniversary in summer of 2012 will be DHgate’s biggest and boldest to date.


In order to celebrate DHgate’s 8th Anniversary, hundreds of thousands of participating sellers and DHgate.com have jointly launched promotional activities that will last 12 days, including 1 million items with huge discounts. DHgate.com will spend millions of dollars to promote the Anniversary celebrations via online advertisements both onsite and offsite. DHgate forecasts an increase of more than 50% in overseas buyer traffic as a result of the Anniversary celebrations.


In addition, DHgate.com has indicated that it will give back to society, donating 1 yuan from every successful transaction to primary schools in the mountainous region of western China so they can buy desks and build libraries.


DHgate.com (www.DHgate.com) was the first online platform to bring small and medium-sized domestic suppliers and effectively connect them online with small and medium-sized foreign buyers. As an innovator in B2B e-commerce and international trade, DHgate.com fully understands the intricacies of international trade and combines modern e-commerce with traditional international trade, safe and reliable cash flow, fast and convenient logistics services. DHgate.com is also one of the third-party e-commerce platforms for China wholesale products that authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. The Electronic business institutions management authentication center regards DHgate.com as a model unit.


DHgate.com has over 1 million domestic suppliers online with 25 million types of product; and 4 million buyers from 244 countries. 100,000 buyers make purchase online every hour with an order placed on average every 6 seconds.

DHgate: seizing the chance


Dhgate: seizing the chance

DHgate’s logic can be explained by three books:” The world is flat”, “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “long tail theory”. The flat world provides opportunities for all B2B e-commerce. Blue Ocean and the long tail let Dhgate find opportunity in front of the pioneers of Alibaba, HC, global resources. DHgate finds its own customers WAL-MART, Foxconn and EBAY shops, street retail.

Wang Shutong thinks overseas buyers of DHgate have such characteristics: after they choose the appropriate manufacturer on the Internet, the manufacturer needs to complete the delivery in a short period of time. In fast running process, a third party credit guarantee mechanism is needed. DHgate not only provide credit guarantee mechanism, but also can realize the international trade cycle of 7 to 14 daysDHgate is a connector between small manufacturers, traders and retail sellers. In addition, many overseas buyers of DHgate set up shops on Yahoo and EBAY. They need a small amount of orders, but also need a trusted platform, to realize the purchase.

“For example, there are many buyers putting manufacturers’ pictures on DHgate directly to their Yahoo or EBAY shops. These buyers do not have inventory, after receiving the orders, they directly give them to the upper dealers who give the goods directly to the end customers. It is fast and risk is small.” And in this way, while Alibaba and global resources can hardly “flexible” achieve this.