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Let The Foreigners Remember DHgate.com

wang shutong

On the eve of China Internet Conference, when the  DHgate founder and CEO Wang Shutong accepted the interview of Tencent, she revealed, the “DHgate ” is the abbreviations, there is a golden gate behind the DH, the “DHgate”  has gave a unlimited imaginary space.

Wang Shutong said, DHgate was the earliest and the most prosperous commercial and cultural center at before, in the 21st century, China can take advantage of the internet, to again become to the global trader center that can  use the most advanced technology to leverage the global trade territory, which is the reason for the web’s name “DHgate Review”.

She further explained that the name of DHgate was the combination of Chinese and Western, it reflected the company idea, that was  not only to build a bridge to help Chinese enterprises be able to do business, but also to help Chinese enterprises to open a global gold mine through this platform, to be grafted with the business of the East and West. Continue reading Let The Foreigners Remember DHgate.com

DHgate launched the “crazy Christmas season”

crazy Christmas season


China’s leading trade B2B e-commerce platform DHgate “Christmas promotion season” on September 24 have on-line, take the lead in climaxing China foreign trade commodity Christmas promotion campaign first gun. Christmas is the most important holiday of the western, is also the foreign trade the most important stage, this year the nets in the DHgate eleven started before Christmas, protruding foreign trade market competition is intense.

 DHgate reviews in each year before Christmas season will increase on the strength, and carry out various kinds of promotional activities, in order to improve overseas Christmas season for Chinese goods purchase. This year on September 25,,DH online first wave of sales promotion activities, strong promotion, launch a major overseas advertising.

In addition,DHgate also launched the platform independent zillah showcase products, own platform resources free gift for participating in the activity of Chinese sellers, high frequency, rich means to different grade buyers push promotional information, the large handsomely attract overseas buyers, buyers order can participate in mysterious large rotary lottery, different amount back now. At the same time, it has launched “full $1000 with $100” activities, that is, the same seller store single order full amount of $1000, the sellers give buyers $100 shops coupons. Continue reading DHgate launched the “crazy Christmas season”

DHgate network hopes to play a greater role in APEC


Wang Shutong , CEO of DHgate network states that while the DHgate is developing with a steady speed she wishes to put more effort into the work of the APEC Business Advisory Council. It is reported that in November 2011, Wang Tong was appointed as candidate representative of APEC Business Advisory Council and also as the first rotating president of the APEC SME Service Alliance entrepreneurs Committee. As another way to shopping, you will find lots of sellers selling online like aliexpress. At the meeting this May Wang put forward the proposal of “using e-commerce to help SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve cross-border trade” on behalf of small businesses in China, and this proposal received enthusiastic responses from delegates and also have been included in the letter for the heads and ministers from 21 countries at the end of year.

In cross-border e-commerce trading, technology platform, personnel, logistics, capital, and many other issues are the key points of it’s development. But e-commerce businesses enterprises such like DHgate have wonderfully solved this series of problems and they can help those users with language barrier or e-business skills deletion to complete online transactions smoothly. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. Continue reading DHgate network hopes to play a greater role in APEC

DHgate: create a new blueprint in 8 years


From the second half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, DHgate has achieved sustained profitability. DHgate is outstanding with its slow and steady style while in an environment that DirSir groups generally sacrifice profits seeking rapid scale expansion and its achievement powerfully fight back against some people who are doubt about the state of being.

Eight years ago, Wang shutong ended the first-generation e-commerce in Amazon and created DHgate. She hoped that one day, minor enterprises ofChinawill fly over the whole world with the wings of e-commerce. At that time, DHgate had few opportunities because it had strong competitors at home like Alibaba and abroad like eBay in the B2B field of e-commerce. At last, DHgate determined a brand new e-commerce 2.0 B2B online trading platform of paying for success, which is free to register and Charge commission after the success of trade. Continue reading DHgate: create a new blueprint in 8 years

DHgate: Helping SME to achieve cross-border trade through e-commerce


“For eight years, we are out of the first step, creating a new model, and to build a trading platform for global trade, also designed the operating rules of this trading platform. We met many third-party partners that do cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, risk control, and so on. During the eight years time, we have succeeded in pushing the China wholesale, China’s SME to every corner of the world. ”

During the opening ceremony of the eighth anniversary of  DHgate which is held in Beijing, the founder and also CEO of DHgate, Wang Shutong recalled the growth and harvest of DHgate during its eight years of entrepreneurship and also announced that DHgate would launch activities such as “thousand of cash feedback as thanksgiving”,“donations for schools in mountain for love”and so on. As the Chinese representative of Business Advisory Council (ABAC) for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Wang Shutong has also started on a bigger stage to make contributions for the promotion of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

DHgate.com is building B2B cross-border trade payment platform


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said in an interview recently that DHgate is committed to the development of payment solutions which adapted to the B2B cross-border trade, and get the state departments’ support and encouragement.

Wang Shutong said, the world there is no company be able to provide full set of solutions for B2B .as leader of cross-border deal for B2B in this respect, it is DHgate responsibility. Since DHgate.com established 8 years ago, there is large proportion of the orders accomplished through DHgate own payment solution, that is to say the development of cross-border trade payment solution of B2B is not start from scratch. At present, DHgate.com has achieved 100 0,000 domestic suppliers and 25000000 kinds of commodities online, in 4000000 buyers scale of over 224 countries and regions worldwide ,  about 100000 buyers online procurement in an hour and a order in every 6 seconds.

The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August


On September 17th, the B2B trade ecommerce  platform , DHgate CEO Wang Shutong  said,  the performance of  DHgate did not to be affected by stopping the cooperation with PayPal,  the sequential growth of orders was 20% in August, luggage, accessories and other categories has reached double growth. She stressed:“there is no any partner is not irreplaceable ”. Continue reading The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August

DHgate Helps the Small and Medium-sized Businesses



Yiwu has the largest commodity distribution center of the world, provides more than 170 million of products. These business is not only good at using the industrial agglomeration advantages, but also adept at taking advantage of e-commerce to expand the overseas markets, they have skillfully by DHgate, which is the leading online foreign trade B2B e-commerce platform, continue to sell products to the global market. Continue reading DHgate Helps the Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The DHgate has launched its new searching


As is known that searching 2.0 select the most crucial product data and service data of sellers as the main basis of arrangement It values searching correlation and ensure users’ experience. It also takes business needs into account, reduce manual intervention, enhance users’ unique experience, improve transform and increase the number of order form.  After a period of adoption, DHgate data has shown that the number of buyers and order form all have a great improvement. For the rationality and efficiency of new searching, DHgate has conducted numerous internal communication and test. Even some aspects of improvement was finally determined by internal “quarrel and fight “. Continue reading The DHgate has launched its new searching