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The sellers of DHgate can gain loans indoor by their good credit


Using the latest upgraded ¡°e baotong of China Construction Bank and DHagte¡±, sellers can complete all loan procedures with one button. At present, there are over 1 million online suppliers, 25 million kinds of commodities and 4 million buyers from 224 countries and regions on DHgate website. 100,000 buyers make real-time online shopping every hour and one order is produced every 6 seconds.

¡°e baotong of China Construction Bank and DHgate ¡± is produced by the cooperation between China Construction Bank and DHgate and serves to provide online network financing service for sellers of DHgate by integrating resources of both sides. Meanwhile, ¡°e baotong of CCB and DHgate¡± is also a loan product that was first developed by CCB for a foreign e-commerce enterprise. Directly contacting the systems of both sides, the e baotong can provide loan service for sellers and helps them speed up turnover of fund, solve the shortage of fund and seize the commercial opportunities.

The sellers on DHgate platform can apply the loan by their real time record of trading and accumulating credit without asset mortgage and third party guarantee. Besides, they can use the e baotong within 3 or 7 days when their application documents are prepared. When the e bontong can work and sellers deliver goods, the loan will autonomously be stored in their accounts. When the order is completed, the system will autonomously make the repayment instead of going to bank to repay.

Let The Foreigners Remember DHgate.com

wang shutong

On the eve of China Internet Conference, when the  DHgate founder and CEO Wang Shutong accepted the interview of Tencent, she revealed, the “DHgate ” is the abbreviations, there is a golden gate behind the DH, the “DHgate”  has gave a unlimited imaginary space.

Wang Shutong said, DHgate was the earliest and the most prosperous commercial and cultural center at before, in the 21st century, China can take advantage of the internet, to again become to the global trader center that can  use the most advanced technology to leverage the global trade territory, which is the reason for the web’s name “DHgate Review”.

She further explained that the name of DHgate was the combination of Chinese and Western, it reflected the company idea, that was  not only to build a bridge to help Chinese enterprises be able to do business, but also to help Chinese enterprises to open a global gold mine through this platform, to be grafted with the business of the East and West. Continue reading Let The Foreigners Remember DHgate.com

DHgate: Helping SME to achieve cross-border trade through e-commerce


“For eight years, we are out of the first step, creating a new model, and to build a trading platform for global trade, also designed the operating rules of this trading platform. We met many third-party partners that do cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, risk control, and so on. During the eight years time, we have succeeded in pushing the China wholesale, China’s SME to every corner of the world. ”

During the opening ceremony of the eighth anniversary of  DHgate which is held in Beijing, the founder and also CEO of DHgate, Wang Shutong recalled the growth and harvest of DHgate during its eight years of entrepreneurship and also announced that DHgate would launch activities such as “thousand of cash feedback as thanksgiving”,“donations for schools in mountain for love”and so on. As the Chinese representative of Business Advisory Council (ABAC) for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Wang Shutong has also started on a bigger stage to make contributions for the promotion of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

The DHgate has launched its new searching


As is known that searching 2.0 select the most crucial product data and service data of sellers as the main basis of arrangement It values searching correlation and ensure users’ experience. It also takes business needs into account, reduce manual intervention, enhance users’ unique experience, improve transform and increase the number of order form.  After a period of adoption, DHgate data has shown that the number of buyers and order form all have a great improvement. For the rationality and efficiency of new searching, DHgate has conducted numerous internal communication and test. Even some aspects of improvement was finally determined by internal “quarrel and fight “. Continue reading The DHgate has launched its new searching

DHgate recruits thousands of commodities with 2.5% commission


Dhgate B2B foreign trade

In June 26, DHgate, B2B platform of foreign trade released 1000 key support products of first stage, recruited 30 suppliers, and gave 2.5% Commission support which is less than the cost.

It is said that, the low commission support activities will cover 16 categories and 1000 key products. Within 90 days after going online, the products meeting requirement can enjoy the commission of 2.5% which is the lowest commission in foreign trade.

In addition to providing special commission, DHgate provides on-Line services of clicking one time for the products meeting the requirement and 800 free displacement positions.

A responsible person of DHgate said, they would hold the activity in several stages. 1000 commodities of the first stage will be held in July; the second stage is in August and the third stage is in September. DHgate will give all the stages 2.5% commission. “These months are the traditional shopping season. One of the purposes of the activity is to describe clear business opportunities for Chinese sellers, and the other purpose is to rich the categories in DHgate and to provide better experience for international buyers.



The Abnormal Development Of the Electricity Industry Has Fallen Into A Financial Vicious Circle

Wang Shu Tong

28st, August, DHgate CEO Wang Shutong participated in a interview and said that with the promotion of enterprises and capital markets, the domestic electricity enterprises trend to develop towards large-scale, while they have ignore enterprise self-promoting and fallen into a very abnormal development. Continue reading The Abnormal Development Of the Electricity Industry Has Fallen Into A Financial Vicious Circle

The views of “the killers of the three kingdoms” Of Electricity Supplier


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said:” the killers of three kingdoms ” of domestic electricity suppliers has been a few days, a lot of electric enterprises have joined in the smoking war. A few days ago,I taken part in the interview about internet marketing conference, be hunted to repeat to this problem.Now, I will say some words about it.” Continue reading The views of “the killers of the three kingdoms” Of Electricity Supplier

DHgate take the supportive plan from Ministry of technique


DHgate will not only establish professional helping system for the different subjectivities’ risk model and indicator system, but also provide the risk prevention technology requirement and set up fraud judgment regulation in order to solve question about fraud transactions about e-business. Continue reading DHgate take the supportive plan from Ministry of technique

DHgate becomes the global case of MasterCardH

In August 21-24, MasterCard has had a global risk management conference held in Bangkok. The China foreign trade e-commerce dealer DHgate becomes the only case on Internet to share with the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region enterprises the practices and experience against products of infringement of intellectual property right.

DHgate foreign trade Continue reading DHgate becomes the global case of MasterCardH

The self salvation of DHgate network B2B

DHgate super deals

From the Joyo’s founder till now the DHgate network CEO, Wang Shutong has consistently been in love with the electronic business.Many changes have taken place over the ten years in China: the electronic commerce has been changed from the B2B, C2C, B2C to the ongoing C2B with prosperity and chaos. Wang Shutong has turned to the founder and CEO of Dhgate from the general manager of Joyo.


Web portals, search engines , B2B, the three largest Internet marketing modes have competed to grow in the past ten years. As the direct competitor of Maoming SEO, Wang Shutong’s answer is that B2B is not going to die, and the B2B2.0 is a more prosperous “network silk road”.


Wang Shutong says, the representatives of B2B1.0 are Alibaba, GSOL, HC 360, and the essence is the Yellow Pages network mode to provide the flow of information for sellers and buyers like the essential traditional trade; B2B2.0 is no longer the yellow pages network model. In addition to providing information, it also provide the “logistics, capital flow, service flow.”


Wang Shutong says the B2B1.0 is the international trade of electronization, while the B2B2.0 is electronic trade of internationalization. The former is a “matchmaker”, and the latter is “butler”.