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DHgate: Helping SME to achieve cross-border trade through e-commerce


“For eight years, we are out of the first step, creating a new model, and to build a trading platform for global trade, also designed the operating rules of this trading platform. We met many third-party partners that do cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, risk control, and so on. During the eight years time, we have succeeded in pushing the China wholesale, China’s SME to every corner of the world. ”

During the opening ceremony of the eighth anniversary of  DHgate which is held in Beijing, the founder and also CEO of DHgate, Wang Shutong recalled the growth and harvest of DHgate during its eight years of entrepreneurship and also announced that DHgate would launch activities such as “thousand of cash feedback as thanksgiving”,“donations for schools in mountain for love”and so on. As the Chinese representative of Business Advisory Council (ABAC) for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Wang Shutong has also started on a bigger stage to make contributions for the promotion of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

DHgate.com is building B2B cross-border trade payment platform


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said in an interview recently that DHgate is committed to the development of payment solutions which adapted to the B2B cross-border trade, and get the state departments’ support and encouragement.

Wang Shutong said, the world there is no company be able to provide full set of solutions for B2B .as leader of cross-border deal for B2B in this respect, it is DHgate responsibility. Since DHgate.com established 8 years ago, there is large proportion of the orders accomplished through DHgate own payment solution, that is to say the development of cross-border trade payment solution of B2B is not start from scratch. At present, DHgate.com has achieved 100 0,000 domestic suppliers and 25000000 kinds of commodities online, in 4000000 buyers scale of over 224 countries and regions worldwide ,  about 100000 buyers online procurement in an hour and a order in every 6 seconds.

The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August


On September 17th, the B2B trade ecommerce  platform , DHgate CEO Wang Shutong  said,  the performance of  DHgate did not to be affected by stopping the cooperation with PayPal,  the sequential growth of orders was 20% in August, luggage, accessories and other categories has reached double growth. She stressed:“there is no any partner is not irreplaceable ”. Continue reading The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August

The views of “the killers of the three kingdoms” Of Electricity Supplier


DHgate CEO Wang Shutong said:” the killers of three kingdoms ” of domestic electricity suppliers has been a few days, a lot of electric enterprises have joined in the smoking war. A few days ago,I taken part in the interview about internet marketing conference, be hunted to repeat to this problem.Now, I will say some words about it.” Continue reading The views of “the killers of the three kingdoms” Of Electricity Supplier

The self salvation of DHgate network B2B

DHgate super deals

From the Joyo’s founder till now the DHgate network CEO, Wang Shutong has consistently been in love with the electronic business.Many changes have taken place over the ten years in China: the electronic commerce has been changed from the B2B, C2C, B2C to the ongoing C2B with prosperity and chaos. Wang Shutong has turned to the founder and CEO of Dhgate from the general manager of Joyo.


Web portals, search engines , B2B, the three largest Internet marketing modes have competed to grow in the past ten years. As the direct competitor of Maoming SEO, Wang Shutong’s answer is that B2B is not going to die, and the B2B2.0 is a more prosperous “network silk road”.


Wang Shutong says, the representatives of B2B1.0 are Alibaba, GSOL, HC 360, and the essence is the Yellow Pages network mode to provide the flow of information for sellers and buyers like the essential traditional trade; B2B2.0 is no longer the yellow pages network model. In addition to providing information, it also provide the “logistics, capital flow, service flow.”


Wang Shutong says the B2B1.0 is the international trade of electronization, while the B2B2.0 is electronic trade of internationalization. The former is a “matchmaker”, and the latter is “butler”.







Visa Cooperates With DHgate.com


Visa has cooperated with DHgate.com and other e-commerce runners to completely eradicate the counterfeit products.

With the increasing number of Internet users, online shopping has become a routine form of transactions. On one hand, the convenient and cost-effective online shopping attracts a large number of Internet users, on the other hand, on the Internet there are some selling the counterfeit products, which has greatly damaged the interests of consumers.

Therefore, Visa recently held in Beijing working group meetings on brand protection. As the Chinese Electronic Commerce participant, Visa, jointly with Agricultural Bank of China, China Bank, Bank of the China Finance, as well as DHgate and other e-commerce companies advocated through mutual cooperation to make a practical and effective goal and a course of action to build a healthy and orderly environment of Chinese electric business affairs.


On this meeting, Visa took DHgate.com as a case of credible transaction and protection of intellectual property to share with the participants DHgate practice and experience.

DHgate.com integrity safety director, Flan, told reporters that selling counterfeits exist all kinds of risks such as to be detained by the customs; buyers complain about the counterfeit products resulting in return for refund; In view of these, over the years DHgate has made a lot of various tailored plans, and help the seller establish stable overseas sales channels through DHgate and buyers to  look for the independent brand supply so as to create a large number of business opportunities and protect the brand products.






DHgate Top5 industry sales doubled

2010-2011 Dhgate top10 industries sales

Foreign trade e-commerce supplier DHgate Top5 industry sales has doubled.Recently DHgate released development present situation of SMEs foreign trade e-commerce in 2011, “the analysis shows that compared 2011 to 2010, the top10 foreign trade e-commerce industries annual sales are of different degree growth , including Toys & Hobbies, Baby, Kids & Maternity, security and surveillance, Home & Garden, and Automobiles & Motorcycles, the growth rate is more than 100%.

It is learned that the report is completed by the Erin Consulting and DHgate historical data, the report detailed analysis of the main distribution of users ,buyers and sellers of DHgate top10 industries, sales trends and various industries search keywords, on foreign trade export enterprise has very clear and important guiding role.Dhgate top ten industrial users, buyers and sellers, distribution, sales trends and industry search keywords, it play an important role in guiding the foreign trade export enterprises.