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The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August


On September 17th, the B2B trade ecommerce  platform , DHgate CEO Wang Shutong  said,  the performance of  DHgate did not to be affected by stopping the cooperation with PayPal,  the sequential growth of orders was 20% in August, luggage, accessories and other categories has reached double growth. She stressed:“there is no any partner is not irreplaceable ”. Continue reading The Sequential Growth of DHgate Orders Reached to 20% in August

DHgate Helps the Small and Medium-sized Businesses



Yiwu has the largest commodity distribution center of the world, provides more than 170 million of products. These business is not only good at using the industrial agglomeration advantages, but also adept at taking advantage of e-commerce to expand the overseas markets, they have skillfully by DHgate, which is the leading online foreign trade B2B e-commerce platform, continue to sell products to the global market. Continue reading DHgate Helps the Small and Medium-sized Businesses

DHgate recruits thousands of commodities with 2.5% commission


Dhgate B2B foreign trade

In June 26, DHgate, B2B platform of foreign trade released 1000 key support products of first stage, recruited 30 suppliers, and gave 2.5% Commission support which is less than the cost.

It is said that, the low commission support activities will cover 16 categories and 1000 key products. Within 90 days after going online, the products meeting requirement can enjoy the commission of 2.5% which is the lowest commission in foreign trade.

In addition to providing special commission, DHgate provides on-Line services of clicking one time for the products meeting the requirement and 800 free displacement positions.

A responsible person of DHgate said, they would hold the activity in several stages. 1000 commodities of the first stage will be held in July; the second stage is in August and the third stage is in September. DHgate will give all the stages 2.5% commission. “These months are the traditional shopping season. One of the purposes of the activity is to describe clear business opportunities for Chinese sellers, and the other purpose is to rich the categories in DHgate and to provide better experience for international buyers.



The Abnormal Development Of the Electricity Industry Has Fallen Into A Financial Vicious Circle

Wang Shu Tong

28st, August, DHgate CEO Wang Shutong participated in a interview and said that with the promotion of enterprises and capital markets, the domestic electricity enterprises trend to develop towards large-scale, while they have ignore enterprise self-promoting and fallen into a very abnormal development. Continue reading The Abnormal Development Of the Electricity Industry Has Fallen Into A Financial Vicious Circle

DHgate becomes the global case of MasterCardH

In August 21-24, MasterCard has had a global risk management conference held in Bangkok. The China foreign trade e-commerce dealer DHgate becomes the only case on Internet to share with the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region enterprises the practices and experience against products of infringement of intellectual property right.

DHgate foreign trade Continue reading DHgate becomes the global case of MasterCardH

DHgate’s Profit Pattern


Confronted with the fact that the current B2B market is nearly completely taken up by Alibaba, DHgate.com becomes a unique foreign trade B2B website by virtue of its unique profit pattern. While Alibaba also do foreign trade businesses, DHgate, the latecomer becomes the first choice of a lot of small and medium foreign trade enterprises. Doing the same thing with Alibaba, why can the latecomer become the first? Which is the unique profit pattern of it? Continue reading DHgate’s Profit Pattern

DHgate.com: the “Nanny” Mode


DHgate’s success lies in to have seized the B2B development direction from the information drive to the transaction drive.

“We are different from the B2B2C model recently proposed by Alibaba. Businessmen on eBay to order need to call, fax, e-mail, bargain, arrange the transport and payment, which is with no distinction from the traditional trade. In DHgate, Continue reading DHgate.com: the “Nanny” Mode

DHgate’s Model


DHgate’s B2B profit model connects its performance and practical business opportunities provided for SMEs closely. Enterprises’ ratio of obtaining real opportunities will be reflected directly in the performance of the platform, which requires DHgate to keep up the changes in overseas market and Chinese supply market and make more accurate judgment and decision rapidly. Continue reading DHgate’s Model

The Introduction of DHgate


DHgate (www.DHgate.com) is an international online wholesale trading platform, aggregating Chinese small and medium-sized suppliers and providing procurement services for many foreign small and medium-sized buyers. As an innovator in the field of B2B e-business of international trade, DHgate (www.DHgate.com) gives full consideration to the particularity of international trade, integrating the emerging e-commerce and traditional international trade. DHgate provides professional and effective information flow, safe and reliable capital flow and convenient logistics services for the operation of international trade, which is a major innovation in the field of international trade. Continue reading The Introduction of DHgate