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DHgate launched the “crazy Christmas season”

crazy Christmas season


China’s leading trade B2B e-commerce platform DHgate “Christmas promotion season” on September 24 have on-line, take the lead in climaxing China foreign trade commodity Christmas promotion campaign first gun. Christmas is the most important holiday of the western, is also the foreign trade the most important stage, this year the nets in the DHgate eleven started before Christmas, protruding foreign trade market competition is intense.

 DHgate reviews in each year before Christmas season will increase on the strength, and carry out various kinds of promotional activities, in order to improve overseas Christmas season for Chinese goods purchase. This year on September 25,,DH online first wave of sales promotion activities, strong promotion, launch a major overseas advertising.

In addition,DHgate also launched the platform independent zillah showcase products, own platform resources free gift for participating in the activity of Chinese sellers, high frequency, rich means to different grade buyers push promotional information, the large handsomely attract overseas buyers, buyers order can participate in mysterious large rotary lottery, different amount back now. At the same time, it has launched “full $1000 with $100” activities, that is, the same seller store single order full amount of $1000, the sellers give buyers $100 shops coupons. Continue reading DHgate launched the “crazy Christmas season”

DHgate network hopes to play a greater role in APEC


Wang Shutong , CEO of DHgate network states that while the DHgate is developing with a steady speed she wishes to put more effort into the work of the APEC Business Advisory Council. It is reported that in November 2011, Wang Tong was appointed as candidate representative of APEC Business Advisory Council and also as the first rotating president of the APEC SME Service Alliance entrepreneurs Committee. As another way to shopping, you will find lots of sellers selling online like aliexpress. At the meeting this May Wang put forward the proposal of “using e-commerce to help SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve cross-border trade” on behalf of small businesses in China, and this proposal received enthusiastic responses from delegates and also have been included in the letter for the heads and ministers from 21 countries at the end of year.

In cross-border e-commerce trading, technology platform, personnel, logistics, capital, and many other issues are the key points of it’s development. But e-commerce businesses enterprises such like DHgate have wonderfully solved this series of problems and they can help those users with language barrier or e-business skills deletion to complete online transactions smoothly. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. These successful practices provide the best cases for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. Continue reading DHgate network hopes to play a greater role in APEC

DHgate: create a new blueprint in 8 years


From the second half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, DHgate has achieved sustained profitability. DHgate is outstanding with its slow and steady style while in an environment that DirSir groups generally sacrifice profits seeking rapid scale expansion and its achievement powerfully fight back against some people who are doubt about the state of being.

Eight years ago, Wang shutong ended the first-generation e-commerce in Amazon and created DHgate. She hoped that one day, minor enterprises ofChinawill fly over the whole world with the wings of e-commerce. At that time, DHgate had few opportunities because it had strong competitors at home like Alibaba and abroad like eBay in the B2B field of e-commerce. At last, DHgate determined a brand new e-commerce 2.0 B2B online trading platform of paying for success, which is free to register and Charge commission after the success of trade. Continue reading DHgate: create a new blueprint in 8 years

DHgate Recruits Thousands of Commodities with 2.5% Commission


In June 26, DHgate, B2B platform of  foreign trade released 1000 key support products of first stage, recruited 30 suppliers, and gave 2.5% Commission support which is less than the cost.

It is said that, the low commission support activities will cover 16 categories and 1000 key products. Within 90 days after going online, the products meeting requirement can enjoy the commission of 2.5% which is the lowest commission in foreign trade. Continue reading DHgate Recruits Thousands of Commodities with 2.5% Commission

DHgate expand high value payment B2B business in foreign trade

Dhgate Forign Trade

Jun 26, Wang lijie, senior managing director of DHgate, said DHgate is trying to expand high value payment B2B business in foreign tradeat present.

According to Wang lijie, DHgate has always positioned itself in micropayments B2B business. Generally, transaction amount is below ¥500. While now DHgate is trying to expand B2B business with larger amount of payment.

“ we are expanding foreign trade B2B business more than ¥500. The highest amount we ever accepted reaches to ¥100,000. Certainly, I think, although after our attempt, sellers’ amount of payment on DHgate platform may not be too high. It is about less than ¥10,000, for high transaction amount means high commission. After calculation, seller will usually choose the way of private deal.” Wang lijie said.

It is said that the profit of DHgate mainly relies on the commission of successful transaction and the service of value-added advertisement. However the percentage of commission fluctuates between 4% and 20% based on different category. It also aims to gain more commission for DHgate to expand high value payment B2B business in foreign trade.