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DHgate help SMEs directly facing the buyers from 224 countries

Dhgate help SMEs DHgate.com is creating a cross-border online trading platform, which have more than one million suppliers, 25 million kinds of goods on shelves, According to the State Administration of DHgate released online in data show, Analysis of the data approximately 100 000 sellers are performed real-time online procurement every hour.every 6 seconds can generate an order for goods.

The founder and CEO Wang Shutong said that DHgate.com built foreign trade B2B e-commerce services platform on the Internet seven years ago to help small and medium-sized micro-enterprises of the traditional domestic products to export sales to overseas markets whitout threshold. The unique online trading pattern has grown into a leader in B2B e-commerce as the Silk Road on the  Internet.


“Previous sales model is” 1 + 6 “, from DHgate.com to the trading companies, then exporters, importers, first-class wholesaler:second-class retailer ,the last to the ultimate consumer, it is a long chain, DHgate get one part ,the remaining six parts of the profits are taken away by others. “said Miss Wang Shutong, the meaning of the DHgate.com is to shorter the supply chain, to maximize reduce intermediate links of the supply and demand, and get the maximum benefit.


For small and medium-sized micro enterprises, to open up market itself, the difficulty is extremely great, and explore the international market is nearly impossible. but online in DHgate.com, SMEs can directly facing the buyers of the 224 countries and areas .

PayPal awarded DHgate the most valuable company of the blue-chip Prize

PayPal awarded Dhgate the most valuable company

In January 2012, the world’s largest online payment platform PayPal awarded the DHgate.com the most valuable company of the blue-chip Prize,The blue-chip Prize has been awarded for the great potential investment value of the company. DHgate.com is the bigest  Asia Pacific and the sixth global partner of the  PayPal.

The CEO of DHgate WangShuTong said: “PayPal is our important partners, but alsothe great support of DHgate. The cooperation between DHgate and Paypal will continue to deepen.” In April, 2011,DHgate become the first partner which PayPal cooperate in China to launch the Mobile e-commerce platform, and overseas buyers who installed PayPal interface application software on mobile phones, can login DHgate account, can complete the process to choose and buy goods, then purchase of goods, also have a series of service  such as remind for order status and so on , users can enjoy the One-key payment services.

DHgate.com is the first and largest China-based online B2B e-Commerce platform that global online trade with China. DHgate.com has been serving the world’s small and medium sized businesses since 2004.users can create an account for free,  only charged after the success of  trading.

Undertake the mission of “promote global trade, help entrepreneursachievements the dreams “, DHgate.com has been a e-commerce platform which help Chinese small and medium-sized businesses trading online, Providing world class standards of China wholesale product sourcing, payment, tracking and delivery services to over 3 million buyers from over 230 countries, DHgate.com offers over 20 million product listings at any one time from over 650,000 dedicated China-based suppliers

Using DHgate for years I love it !

Great site !

My experience with DHgate has been positive. I have been using dhgate for years I love it

all the experience I’ve purchased a few things on DHgate ,My experience with DHgate has been a positive one . and out of all the experiences, all products were good except for one bad phone out of ten, Overall no problems yet.and DHgate.com Help me to handle bad phones problem well, Great customer service!
Fast delivery, and a fair prices. My uncle is also a frequent customer – he just received immense with Laptop Adapte Batteries, Compared to the same quality commodity sold in the stores here and at 3 times less the price . I have been very pleased with all of my purchases made from DHgate.com.
I have already recommended this site to my friends and family.